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Yin Masterclass: Earth Element with Louise Cutler

Photo: Louise Cutler

Photo: Louise Cutler

The end of August marks the end of the holidays, the end of the summer and the start of a new school year.

Travel, a change in routine and returning home from vacation can create imbalances and a strain on the body (physical, mental & emotional).

The element of Earth is nourishing, grounding and comforting. Earth marks the beginning of a new season, the time of change between seasons. This soft, evening, earthy Yin Masterclass will do wonders to settle you back into your body, your routine and to create space allowing you to find comfort being in your own body.

Earth is also about pleasure and enjoyment, so what better way than to celibrate and cheris this element than through a chocolate meditation!

We will be working with the Stomach and Spleen meridians, so try not to eat too much before coming!

All props and chocolate are provided ;) See you there!

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