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Yoga + Self-Massage for Back Pain with Louise Cutler


Do you suffer from occasional or chronic back pain? Do you want to find simple, effective ways to ease your pain? If so, then this workshop is for you!

This two hour workshop will be dedicated to showing you various yoga postures and breath work (at the beginning of the class) to help create more space and flexibility in your body thereby reducing muscular tension and pain. We will not only focus on the back as everything in the body is connected, we will spend time on the shoulders, hips, legs and front of the body to help release the spine and all the muscles that keep you standing up straight!

The second half of the workshop will be focused on self massage techniques that you can use at home or at work to free up tension zones and get to know your own body and how it works in an intelligent way.

We'll also talk about a couple of essential oils that you will be able to use to include in your pain relief practices. I know how many of you are interested in essential oils (a more in depth workshop will follow shortly!).

I expect this workshop to fill up quickly so don't hesitate to reserve your spot! Please bring you own mat, something to write on and water. The workshop is open to all levels.

Please note that this workshop is not meant to replace any medical advice.

Please consult your doctor if you are experiencing on going pain.

OÙ/WHERE : 23 Rue de la Sourdière (Salle 2), 1e