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Yin Masterclass + AromaYoga with Louise Cutler

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Join me for the second Yin Masterclass in the Five Element Series. We'll bring in some essential oils around the theme of releasing fears and moving with grace too as well as some simple self massage techniques!

The lovely Nancy will be there too, to accompany our session with some beautiful, touching, live music! Listening to her play, during a class takes you to a different place!!

This time we'll be focusing our attention on the Water Element which is linked to the Kidney and Urinary Bladder meridians.

The Water element is affiliated with fear and anxiety when it is out of balance. An imbalance of the element can lead to difficulty in choosing something and sticking to it. Winter is the season of stillness and rest, during which energy is condensed, conserved, and stored. Water is a highly concentrated element containing great potential power awaiting release.

The practice will be slow and deep - with a little more movement than some of the other Yin style classes to reduce stagnation. The session will have a meditative quality and we will really focus on turning our energy inwards and holding our own space in our bodies and minds. Water is the source of life on this planet. Water has the capacity to flow, infinitely yielding yet infinitely powerful, silent and still, awaiting, flexible, ever changing, a stored potential and often dangerous (flood’s devastation) with the capacity also to nourish and cleanse. There is almost a palpable sense of pause, like a soft hush, energy is being stored and conserved awaiting the arrival of spring and all its life and vibrancy.

The essential oils used during the practice (for those who wish to use them!) will be beneficial for resting, warming and energising as well as for stress relief and emotional well-being to help us in our practice.

We will focus on two self massage techniques to help you find release in the lower back and increase circulation.

The class is open to everyone! You may want to bring a notebook and a pen in case something interesting surfaces during the Yin sequence.

Mats and props provided.

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