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Therapeutic Adjustments: Katonah Yoga with Ari Halbert


A licensed acupuncturist, holistic nutrition coach, Qi Gong instructor, and registered yoga teacher with over a decade of experience Ari brings a diverse multi-disciplinary approach to his work.

This workshop is focused on helping people feel more confident with the hands-on adjustments commonly used in Katonah Yoga. Though the workshop is created with teachers in mind, it will also be of great value for students wanting to better understand the framework and structural basis of various yoga postures.

You will learn body reading techniques that will enable you to discern exactly what type of adjustment is best suited for a given person. There is no one-size-fits-all adjustment for any posture: Each body requires its own nuanced set of adjustments to find balance.

Through practice, you will become comfortable identifying different structural patterns, which will help you in discerning how to assist others in a way that will offer profound and lasting changes. Everyone will come away with hands-on experience, and gained confidence through applied knowledge. We will cover :

  • Working with injuries

  • Body readings/diagnostics

  • Breakdown of frequently used poses & modifications

  • How to precisely cue and articulate verbal adjusments

For those looking to complete KY certification hours, this workshop can be applied to that.